Dialect Coach | Grant James

GRANT JAMES - Co-Writer, Screenplay, Dialogue Coach and playing the character, Herschel.

Grant is a writer, director and actor, having plied his trades in over 30 countries.

Since coming to Texas from Chicago, where he earned a degree in Theatre from DePaul University's Theatre School, he has appeared on stage in such roles as Norman in ON GOLDEN POND, Jorgenson in OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY, Don Quixote in MAN OF LaMANCHA and Henry II in LION IN WINTER. On film and TV he has been seen as the town doctor in TOMBSTONE, the sleazy trader in DEAD MAN'S WALK, the sleazy doctor in THE NEWTON BOYS (is there a pattern here?!), the alcoholic old security guard in CATALINA TRUST, the semi-retired mafia boss in THE PROTECTOR as well as principal roles in episodes of THE YOUNG RIDERS, DANGEROUS CURVES and UNSOLVED MYSTERIES. He conducts an on-going On Camera Workshop from his home studio in the Dallas area.

Grant has 5 published books and is a writer/reader for SPELLBINDERS AUDIO BOOKS. He also reads for the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS talking books program.

Grant is married to Juli Erickson, and together they boast 11 kids, 37 grandkids and 11 great-grandkids. They have a dozen agents across the country and are always happy for the opportunity to travel.

E-mail: siractsalot@juno.com
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