An original story by: Dan Spigel

Screenplay by: Dan Spigel and Grant James

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Producer & Director  | Dan Spigel

Cinematographer | Louis Pollaro

Tamar Nuebauer | Exective Producer

Art Director | Jessica Gaspar

2nd Camera Operator | Gary Thomas

Production Manager | Carrie Rossen

Production Assistant  | Michelle Wiesne

2nd Assistant | Sean Reavis

Key Makeup | Martha Jackson

Script Advisor | Kimberly Moody

Script Consultant | Pete Clay

Casting Director | Shirley Abrams / Shirley Abrams Casting

Dialect Coach | Grant James   

Web Site Design |  Jeremy Johnson / Pixelstudios Network

Web Site Maintenance | Lucia Lattanzio

Hair Design | Claude Diaz

Wardrobe Consultant | Laura Floyd

Costumes | Costumes By Dusty

Set Decorator

Electrician | Dave Tiegan

Construction | Steve Sloan

Assistant | Hortencia Villegas

Boom Operator & Graphics | Richard Klaver

Historical Advisor | Izabella Goldberg

Composer | Aaron Kaplan



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